Ready or Not

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Smart, true and useful advice from Benjamin Franklin you’ve undoubtedly heard. But you may not know that Franklin was thinking about fire safety when he coined that maxim. Franklin was instrumental in organizing Philadelphia’s first fire company in 1736. Is there anything that guy couldn’t do? … Read More


If “TL;DR” perplexes, pay attention. When your audience uses or even thinks them, you’re sunk. It originated in corners of the ‘Net where shortcuts rule, but proved too useful to be cabined there. “Too Long; Didn’t Read” means your intended audience was either intimidated by your writing’s length, didn’t get grabbed by it, or maybe just can’t … Read More

Jody Powell’s Wisdom Still Rings True

Powell Tate co-founder Jody Powell was my boss, mentor, and friend for nearly ten years. As I’ve grown as a professional, and become a leader in my own right, I think a lot about what I learned from him and the ways he influenced my professional style. There was so much more, but here are 10 … Read More

Carpe Janus!

Turning the calendar to a new year is often accompanied by a lot of reflection. Individuals do it, companies and organizations do it, nations do it, families do it. Sometimes, it is purely internal, and sometimes the results spill out into articles, memes, reflections, or even fireworks. It is a time to look backward and … Read More